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Swimming pool without a filter will soon turn into a dirty mess. Without a filter pump, the bacteria and dirt will remain in the swimming pool. This will then quickly make your pool a breeding ground for diseases instead of a healthy wellness environment. That’s something you definitely have to avoid.

Why do you need a filter pump for a swimming pool?

In brief, you need a swimming pool filter for the following reasons:

  • To remove dirt and bugs from the pool
  • For better distribution of chemicals to combat bacteria
  • The filter pump is therefore the most important part of your swimming pool installation, to big and the water will move to fast through the filter and to small and you will not turn the pool water over in one cycle

Watertech Filters

When should you filter the swimming pool?

If you use the pool a lot, it is important that it is filtered adequately. The amount of filtering time depends on the filter that has been installed. Choose your filter installation based on the capacity of the equipment and the volume of your swimming pool and ensure that the pool water passes through the filter completely every 4 hours.

To determine the capacity of your filter, pop into Pool Palace West and get some professional advice, this is important as the filter is the heart of YOUR healthy pool.

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