Pool Magic Soda Ash 2kg


Increases the pH of pool water for correct water balance


1000gm/kg Sodium Carbonate
Assists in pool surface protection


Provides comfort to swimmers
Promotes improved water balance
Protects metal fittings from corrosion
Ideal pH improves swimmer comfort


Ideal pH should be between 7.2 ~ 7.8
Dosage rates per 10,000lt
pH < 6.8 add 100gm
pH 6.8 ~ 7.0 add 80gm
pH 7.1 ~ 7.2 add 40gm
pH 7.2 ~ 7.6 add 0gm
Dosage rates indicated are only a guide. Broadcast evenly over entire swimming pool to achieve the desired level. Allow pump to run 3 hours prior to re-testing

Pack Sizes Available

Flexi: 2kg (10 units/carton) & 25kg Bulk Bags

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Weight 2 kg