Pool Magic Clarifying Tablets Counter Display (Sand Filters, Non Sticky)


125gm Flocculant Tablet (Aluminium Sulphate)


Aluminium Sulphate Tablet
Ideal for Sand Filters
Fast dissolving & no sticky residue
Highly concentrated
Individually packed in a cloth sock – counter display case


Clears cloudy pools rapidly
Maintains clarity of water
Fast dissolving


To be used in sand filters only
Easy skimmer box application while pump is running. After backwashing & adjusting pH between 7.2 – 7.6
1 tablet per 60,000lt after every backwash
2 tablets for pools 80,000 to 100,000lt
Can be applied in the cloth bag to avoid contact with skin – remove empty bag when tablet is fully dissolved
Dosage rates indicated are only a guide – refer to directions for use

Pack Sizes Available

48 x 125gm Tabs in retail display box (2 display boxes per carton)

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