Pool Magic Multishock & Clear 2kg (Salt Water Boost and Clarifier)


Pool Magic Multi Shock & Clear Salt Water Boost


Minimum available Chlorine is 480gm/Kg present as Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate
Contains Isocyanuric Acid (stabiliser) & Clarifier
No residue
Fast dissolving
Contains no Calcium


Consistent quality
Ideal for daily chlorination or as a booster for all pools
Saves on Stabiliser usage
Fully soluble
Minimal effect on pH of pool water
No residue
Convenient single dose pack sizes for boosting salt pools


8g – 20gm per 10,000lt per day for stabilised pools
25g-30gm per 10,000lt per alternate day
Dosage rates indicated are only a guide – refer to directions for use
Dissolve granules in water prior to use or add directly to water

Pack Sizes Available

500gm Sachet (24 units/carton), 1kg (6 units/carton) & 2kg (6 units/carton)

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Weight 2 kg